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Sunday, November 28, 2021
Q. A boy had six marbles. When he rushed into the door he dropped one and when he coming to the drawing-room he lost one. So how many marbles are there? Answer it if you can? Show Answer Answer: So Answer Will be You May LIke Also Can you guess who is me puzzle

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Math Puzzles

Logic Puzzles For Adults

Wow! Can You Imagine What it Would Be?

Can you imagine what it would be after joining all the parts of the image, Just think and do your homework to answer it. Its...

How Many Triangles Answer Logically?

How Many Triangles is a very unique logic puzzle in which answer is hidden you need to find it out since it is a...

Can You See The Crocodile?

Can You See The Crocodile Answer Show Answer

Can You See The Rat?

Answer Show Answer

Picture Puzzles

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Jumble Words

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tom and jeery kids puzzle

Find Jerry’s Home While Tom Attack

Wow Nice Tom & Jerry puzzle for kids Here you have to find out the jerry's home while tom is attacking jerry. Can you...
covid19 kids puzzle

What Will Carry Tomy During Covid19?

Nice Kids Puzzle basically during these Covid19 Tomy coming to market from home what he will carry during these days since many people are...
count how many balls kids puzzle

Can You Count? How Many Balls?[NEW]

Really unbelievable so many stupid balls are there can you count it? If yes then please count how many balls if no then we...
cool substartion based picture puzzle for kids

Cool Flowers Subtraction Based Picture Puzzles For Kids(1)

flowers subtraction based picture puzzles are very cool and this is the only way to improve your child or kids learning skills quickly hope...
Crazy Vegetable Picture Math For Kids

Crazy Vegetable Picture Math For Kids To Test Their Knowledge

Here we have designed some crazy vegetable picture math for kids by which you can judge them how smarter are they. When i am...

Nyt Puzzles

High Level Puzzles

Find The Next Number Of The Number Series Pattern

Find the next number of the Number Series pattern is a very common question these question are very usefull and helpfull if you practice...

Find The Correct Set To Represent Lion,Elephants And Animals – Mental Ability

Here i have discovered a new puzzle belongs to mental ability, Those who are expert in puzzle they easily find out which set...

Guess The Answer If You Can Matching Puzzle

Guess the answer is the very good matching puzzle which is awesome to really learn incredible things which is best and very good for...


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