Can you spot the mistake?

can you find the mistake

Can you spot the mistake puzzle is for people who like to play fun games and solve puzzles. Brain teasers make a puzzle or riddle more exciting because they need you to think in creative ways. When you try to solve these puzzles, you have to look at the problem in a unique and different manner.

To find the answer, you need to think creatively since the solution might not be obvious. We have a cool brain teaser for you where you need to find a mistake in an image.

Spot the mistake possible error

people usually done the below mention error while writing the question or answer:

  • Grammatical mistakes, such as incorrect verb tense or pronoun usage.
  • Spelling mistakes, such as misspelling a word or using the wrong homophone.
  • Punctuation mistakes, such as using a comma splice or forgetting a period.
  • Factual mistakes, such as stating something that is not true.
  • Logical mistakes, such as making an argument that does not follow.
  • Rhetorical mistakes, such as using a word or phrase incorrectly.

(Q-1) Can you spot the mistake?

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(Q-2) Can you spot the mistake?

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