How Many Mirror Alphabets In English?

Mirror Alphabets In English Answer

Mirror Alphabets are the letters in english which if you try to mirror them then it will look exactly the same as you write, Can you count the number of mirror alphabets that are presents in english? Its very logical question generally people might not remembered and they will count and experiment before they answer … Read more

Can You Think Where is the Error?

why i am eating english puzzle

Lets imagine you are sitting inside and someone came to you and ask can you think where is the error why i am eating milk just find the error to proof yourself. In the english its very tricky to find a mistake why because most of the are grammatical error in english also sometimes word … Read more

How many Words Are here Namely Puzzle?

count the word puzzle

Can you think how many words are there inside this page which is puzzle, Not that much difficult to find out hope its quite easy. Lets see the below image and just find the count of words puzzle? You can also try our think the error puzzle. Answer Show Answer Answer: So Answer Will be … Read more

What is the Value of Not Found?

not found value

Can you imagine and tell what is the value of not found? Its a very well known question you can even see it when your browser denied to show some page result. Let think what will be the answer or value to the question which is very easy puzzle and also a mind game. Answer … Read more