Classify the following reaction: PbCl₂(s) + 2 AgNO3(aq)→ Pb(NO3)2(aq) + 2 AgCl(s) A) synthesis (or combination) B) decomposition C) combustion D) single displacement (replacement) E) double displacement (replacement)

The reaction is a double displacement reaction. In a double displacement reaction, the cations of two ionic compounds switch places to form two new compounds. In this reaction, the cation of PbCl₂(s), Pb²⁺, switches places with the cation of AgNO₃(aq), Ag⁺, to form Pb(NO₃)₂(aq) and AgCl(s).

Here is the balanced chemical equation for the reaction:

PbCl₂(s) + 2 AgNO₃(aq) → Pb(NO₃)₂(aq) + 2 AgCl(s)

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