Diberikan premis-premis sebagai berikut: Jika 6 bilangan genap, maka 2 tidak habis dibagi 7 Setiap 5 adalah bukan bilangan prima atau 2 habis dibagi 7 Tetapi 5 adalah bilangan prima Oleh karena itu, 6 adalah bilangan ganjil Tentukan nilai kebenaran argument tersebut?


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Let’s analyze the premises and the conclusion:

1. “If 6 is even, then is not divisible by ” – This premise is unrelated to the other statements and doesn’t impact the argument’s validity.

2. “Every is neither prime nor is divisible by ” – This premise seems contradictory as is stated to be prime.

3. “But is a prime number” – This contradicts the second premise.

4. “Therefore, is an odd number” – This conclusion doesn’t logically follow from the given premises.


We given the our best reason for your question.

The argument appears to be flawed due to contradictions and unrelated statements. The truth value of the argument is questionable, and it doesn’t form a valid logical structure.

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